Monday, December 12, 2011

Kathryn Gives Back!! A note from Mom!


I just wanted to give you a glimpse at how one person's gift to a child has served others. Several years ago, you gave away a sewing machine to Kathryn when you had a contest in which the students were to write about why they would like to win a sewing machine. That year, Kathryn wrote about how she would like to sew for others.

She did win a machine from you. After attending several Quilter's Loft camps and sewing along with me at home, she is pretty comfortable tackling about any project.

In November, it was time to put together our Operation Christmas Child Box. In addition to our normal shoebox contributions, Kathryn decided to sew a pillowcase style dress from some yardage that we had in our sewing closet. We decided that since we had quite a bit, we would sew a longer dress that an older girl,  possibly her age could wear. She included a ribbon belt so that if the dress were too long, the girl could use the belt to make a waist and adjust the length.

Just thought you would like to know that your heart to see little girls sew was reaching more that just one life!

Merry Christmas!
Kimberly Fennie
Mooresville, NC

Kathryn hard at work on her Pfaff Hobby!

Getting Ready to Sew the Sides

Kathryn's Finished "Pillowcase" Dress

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Quilters Loft Company said...

Thank you Kimberly for letting us know about Kathryn's sewing projects!