Saturday, May 4, 2013

Become a Summer VIP Club Member!

I have been thinking of what to do for the summer!  Thinking!  Thinking!  Thinking!  Oh how about a "Summer VIP" Club!
And you are wondering what the heck is that??
How do you become a "Summer VIP" Club Member and what does that really mean??
Details!  Details!!  Details!!
How to join the Summer VIP Club!
1) Purchase $200 of regular priced merchandise (including classes, machines)  during the month of May!  Add it up, or buy all at once, there are no rules for that. ALL purchases Qualify in the month of May, to reach your total before taxes!
2)  When you reach $200, we will give you a very special "Summer VIP" Club Card, that you will be able to use in June, July and August 2013!
3)  The "Summer VIP" Club Card gives you 20% off on all "qualifying" purchases! 
4)  What's a "qualifying" purchase?
5)  A "qualifying" purchase is any regular priced book, pattern, notion, thread, fabrics, batting, machine notions, Embroidery Designs, & Machine Accessories.
6)  Non Qualifying Items are Gift Cards, Sewing Machines, 5D, or TruE Software Programs, 5D Bootcamp, Clubs, Club Kits and combining coupons/discounts.  Please only one discount per item!
7)  But you can also use the "Summer VIP" Club Card, for your Classes too (any teacher), during the months of June, July and August 2013!
8)  Now if you are worried that you can't keep track of your receipts ..... don't worry .... we have an APP for that!  LOL!  Our very expensive Point of Sale can actually let us know if you qualify for the "Summer VIP" Club at the end of May, and we will be sure to give you your "Summer VIP" Club Card!