Monday, May 2, 2016


We love, love, love doing something special for Mother's Day.  After all where would we be without them!

So many people asked how to make our Sunflowers that we had in our downtown store in the window.  They were so fun to make!

So we have adapted them to make a cute flower for Mother's Day.

Stop in Friday May 6, and Saturday May 7, 2016 from 11-4.

You don't need to bring anything ........... we will have kits for you to choose from and you will using our machines.  We have several machines set up for the different steps.  Kind of a "round robin"!

We will have refreshments too!  Who doesn't like cookies and cupcakes!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

While I was Cleaning out the Freezer!

Funny what you think about as you are doing a bit of cleaning up!   So yesterday I decided to see what was lurking in my freezer as it was so packed that I couldn't add another thing.  Most of the items were freezer burned (not enough cooking I guess) and there were some things going back to 2011.  I guess I have not been rotating my stock!

As I was cleaning out, thread came to my mind.   (What a funny thing to think about cleaning the freezer!)   How often do you rotate your stock of threads?  Did you know that thread has a "shelf life"?

In the shop we rotate our threads as we purchase them.  The newest always go in back!   

My suggestion for threads is to date the spool when you purchase it.  I have lots of threads that have never been used yet,  so dating would be helpful!  It is hard to say what a "shelf life" of any particular thread is.  But if you have lots of breakage or you can break it easily when tugging on it,  it's old and won't hold up to the speed of the machine!

Of course, all this depends on how you store it also. 

Other things that lead to thread breakage is a dull needle or a needle with a "burr".   And sometimes you just need a good annual service.  Even if you haven't used your machine frequently, it still needs an annual services as the internal workings need to be refreshed, and cleaned out!   Oh and don't forget to run your "zig zag" stitch to keep your "side motion" from freezing up.  Many of us only straight stitch and you want those decorative stitches to work, when you need them.  All functions need to be used periodically.

It is recommended that you change your needle after 8 hours of sewing, or after you finish one quilt.  Lets face it....  we don't always sew continuously so 8 hours of sewing time could be several days, weeks or in my case months!   

If you hear a "tap, tap, tap"  from the needle plate area, it usually means your needle is dull................time to change!

Monday, April 18, 2016


Come in for a peek at what is new at the Quilters Loft besides the new location!

Events Friday April 22 from 6-8 pm  

Deb North, a Pfaff Creative Consultant, will be here to show you a totally awesome Trunk Show of wonderful inspirational ideas.  She has unique ways to put it all together with different fabric combinations, embellishments using really Cool Tools!

It's a wine and cheese event on Friday Night!  It's "Party Time"!  Enter to win some  great prizes!

Call now to reserve your space!  It is great to know how many are coming, so we can plan better!  We don't want to run out of goodies!

Events Saturday April 23, Two sessions (repeated)

Morning 10am to 12 noon
Afternoon 2 pm to 4 pm

As you making this beautiful travel/spa bag you will be using our beautiful Pfaff sewing or  embroidery machine of your dreams.  
Deb will show and tell you about the wonderful features of each machine as you embellish your take home gift!  Best of all you get to pick your decorative stitches too.  You will be making it "your own style" with a little assistance from Deb and Aubrey!

Also for those of who who come Friday night you saw the ideas now you see how to use really cool tools including rulers, pens, markers and more.

You don't have to bring anything but yourself and a pair of snips.  We provide all the rest! You will be making your Spa Bag "round robin style" as you use each machine's special features!

There will be two sessions:  Seating is limited so please reserve your place!

Morning 10-12 noon
Afternoon 2-4 pm

It's $20 to reserve your place ($30 retail for the spa bag) and we will give you a $20 coupon back after you complete your bag.  Sorry there are no refunds or coupon for "no shows"!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Now taking Applications for Sewing Machine Sales!

Quilters Loft is now accepting applications for part time Sales Associate, for our sewing machine sales department.

The position requires a candidate who can work independently, flexible, exceptional customer service, and have a strong knowledge of sales. Must be a team player. 

Sewing, Quilting, Machine Embroidery, computer software skills, and knowledge of Pfaff Sewing Machines and marketing a plus!

Additional position requirements:

Ability to work Tuesday to Saturday
Ability to lift 30 - 50 pounds or more
Excellent math skills
Knowledge of computer POS systems and  Microsoft windows
Ability to teach Classes for all products
Ability to travel to shows and customer homes when needed.
Ability to work overtime on short notice when needed.
We will train for the position if you meet most of the qualifications.

Please send resume to:
Erica Ransom, President/Owner
Quilters Loft Company
109 Professional Park Drive, Suite 103
 Mooresville, NC 28117

You may also come in and complete an application if you do not have a current resume.  

Friday, February 19, 2016


After 14 years in Historic Downtown Mooresville, this week we moved to our new location in the Mooresville Gateway Development at Exit 33 off I-77.

Location I-77 Exit 33 (Hwy 21 North)
109 Professional Park Drive, Suite 103, Mooresville NC 28117

We closed on Monday and have been busy packing all week and making runs from the old to the new place.  It was a challenge to load up as you all know there is no parking downtown!
Courtney and Aubrey parked on the sidewalk outside our front door so we could move some of the smaller things and the machines. We had three cars making trips each day until the movers came!

Port City Movers came this Thursday and it took two trips to move everything we hadn't moved.  The displays and furniture and over 100 packed boxes kept 4 guys quite busy! 

Aubrey had a plan and they are getting everything back together. I must say it looks pretty great so far, but there is oh so much more to do.   

We plan to re-open on Tuesday February 23, at 10 am!  

We miss all of you and can't wait for you to see how great our new location is and all the parking!

This week, weather permitting, Belk Electrical is putting two light poles in the parking lot, so there will be a bit of construction but it won't last long.  We will have some great lightening on the parking lot!   

We have been trying out some of the restaurants in the development and we have to say that we have had some great food!  We are going to make a list of places to go!

So here are a few pictures as we are "under construction"!  The classroom won't be ready for a week or so as we are using it for staging, and opening boxes, etc etc etc!

The Entrance
The Lobby, Our Entrance is to the Right of the Elevator!!!

The Batik and Basics Room!

Entrance to the shop "under construction"  We have come a long way in a day!
The Pfaff Sewing Machine Dept - "Under Construction"!
Classroom - It's going to be awhile!

The Novelty Prints Room!

Friday, November 27, 2015



Are you shopping "Small" this Saturday?

Here is why it is important!  This example is for a Quilt Shop, but I am sure you can relate it to any one of the small businesses downtown!

So, exactly - what is "It Takes a Thread" all about?  Believe it or not, if every person who receives an email from us came into the shop once a month and simply purchased a spool of thread, it would pay the rent for a month.  Really!

If every person added to that spool of thread a package of needles and a yard of fabric, it would pay salaries.  Really!

That is what "Small" business is all about.

It is about reflecting on the businesses in your community that are meaningful to you, and about supporting "Small" independent businesses so that they remain viable and vital to your community.

It's an easy thing to do.  And it doesn't take much.  Just a spool of thread.............


Come to downtown Mooresville to celebrate Small Business Saturday with all the great small businesses in Historic Downtown Mooresville!  You won't be disappointed!

There are a few more new retail stores but I don't have all the details!  So come downtown and shop "Small".  Everyone would love to see you support your local hometown businesses this season and all year long.


188 N. Main Street
Quilters Loft is a full service Quilt Shop and a Supreme Pfaff Sewing Machine Dealer.  Classes and we service ALL brands of sewing machines!

169 N. Main Street
My favorite place to go for make-up, facials, and lots of great jewelry and scarfs.

152 N. Main Street
Love to shop here.  You can make your own jewelry or buy some that someone else made, locally handcrafted!

175 N. Main Street
My most favorite place to shop for Pandora, get a new battery and other fine jewelry.  You don’t have to go to the mall for Pandora. They are a full service Pandora store.

212 N. Main Street
Cotton is well known in our area for his photograph, paintings, and he is an author too, a children’s Christmas Book is his latest!  They also carry handmade North Carolina pottery!

230 N. Main Street
A gift store with lots of unique finds!

248 N. Main Street
With nearly 200 types of candy, 100 different types of eclectic sodas.

111 N. Main Street
Great place to find some old fashioned toys like the radio flyer!

119 N. Main Street
Perfect for gift giving and you too!  Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, spices and gifts!

222 N. Main Street
The place for the well dressed man of any age.

148 N. Main Street
Unique designer women’s clothes.

116 S. Main Street, Suite 102
Women’s clothing.

112 S. Main Street

202 N. Main Street
A great selection of wines, and they have music and wine tasting!

106 N. Broad Street.

108 N. Broad Street

102 N. Broad Street

162 N. Main Street

216 N. Main Street

101 S Broad St.

126 S. Main Street

Complete in-house shoe and leather repair. New shoe selection of; work, western boots and shoes, steel and non-steel. Mobile service available.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Special Event - SATURDAY NOVEMBER 21, 10-12 Deb North - The Secrets of Success!

We are so excited to have Deb North back again!

AND A TRUNK SHOW BY DEB NORTH, PFAFF Creative Consultant!  Saturday Nov 21 from 10 to 12.  We plan to start promptly at 10 am, so come a bit early so you don't miss anything.

 See the beautiful and inspiring Trunk Show samples personally crafted by Deb North from Pfaff.  

She will explain when and where to use which products.  Using the right stuff in the right places makes us look oh so good!
 In this lecture/demo you'll ga
in valuable insight into the proper use of stabilizers in combination with needles, thread and various fabrics.   Stabilizers are not just for embroidery!

See the new feet and hoops that make your creations so much easier!

Get answers to all of your questions from the expert - right on the spot. There will be something for everyone - the quilter, garment sewist, embroiderer, crafter!

Refreshments, door prizes and lots of fun!  

Space is limited so please sign up asap to reserve your place.  Once you sign up, please let us know ASAP if you are unable to attend, so someone else may attend IN your place.  



Stay for the afternoon session from 1-4 or drop in for demonstrations and Make and Takes!  Have a fun afternoon with us!  Bring your lunch and stay all day!  Try new rulers and notions!  Test out the newest feet!  See what surprises Deb has for us!  
You won't want to miss this fun day!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Block of the Week Sampler - Shuffles by Moda - BUT there is a twist!

We know how much you love the weekly Bible Studies Block of the Week!

It's new and it's from Moda's Designers.  A new Block of the Week Sampler called Shuffles!  But there is a twist!

We are going to make samples in Grunge and Batiks!  If you'd like to follow along with us, just let us know and we can cut kits for you......or you can "dig" into your stash and bust out all those great fabrics!

So here how it works.................each week we will add 2-3 blocks into our weekly email. You will be able to click on the link and save your pattern to a place on your desktop. These patterns are only going to be in ONE e-mail and will not be repeated!

If you would like to follow along with the block of the month, you will need to open your email weekly to get the patterns.

You will link to this page to download your copy of the pattern!  

Each week a new set of patterns will be on this page and HERE IS THE TWIST ............ the previous week's patterns will DISAPPEAR AND WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE!

Here are the instructions on how to save them to your desktop.

First create a file (right click)  "new folder.........rename it "Sampler Shuffles".

Then click away from the file to save it!

Next click on the Sampler Block of the Week Page and it will enlarge.  You will find the separate page for the Sampler Shuffles Block of the Week across the top, with other page links.  Just click on the Shuffles Page!

Right click to "save image as" the document to your desktop and then to your folder that you names "Sampler Shuffles".  From here you can print it to start making your blocks, or save them for future use.....

Happy collecting and sewing!  Can't wait to see what you are doing!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Linda and Susan's classes are on the "October to December Classes" page tab above! 

Be sure to click on the page above for our classes!  It will open the class listing for the October to December Classes.   More will be added soon!  

All our classes will be in the evening or on Monday, until we move to a new location!  We reset the shop to a classroom, and we have fun!

Check our our schedule!  Step outside your comfort zone and try something new!   Lots of creative fun classes!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Change is Coming and It's A Good Thing!

So much has been happening around the Loft and now I can tell you all about it!   We are making changes for YOU and we are so excited about it!

We are moving!  

On a whim, I put my building up for sale....thought it would take years to sell it........but I was oh so wrong.  We had a flurry of activity and got an offer to purchase in three weeks.  We have kept "mum" about it until the "Due Diligence" period was over.  It is never a done deal until then!  So we are all set to close on August 28.  We are not closing Quilters Loft on August 28 as we will remain as a tenant.

I have located a new space, more parking, NO STAIRS, (yes we are tired of them too) better restaurants, larger, did I mention we will have parking........  AND handicap parking, right outside the door!!!!  It will be in Mooresville, but until I finish negotiating the lease, (I don't want to jinx it),  "mums" will be the word until the lease has been finalized.

After 13 years in one place, we have so much to clear out.  We are staying in the downstairs until December, at least that is the current plan .......... and may move sooner, depending on the readiness of the new space.

We have to clear out the entire upstairs by August 28, and put what we are keeping in storage.  (Ugh, we are not looking forward to that!)

For right now classes will be limited and in the evenings only.  We will have a brand new classroom in the new space!

We appreciate all the support you have given us over the years and we are so very excited to be moving out of downtown to a new space that will meet the needs of ALL our customers.    We appreciate your continued support  while we are in transition.

We will keep you posted!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Historic Club Starts March 14, 2015 at 9am

Historic Club
Meets Second Saturday of the Month - March 14 th to April 2016 
Club Leader:  Erica

Registration Fee: $25
Monthly Fee:  $19.99 (13 month program) Includes backing and binding!

The Historic Club has been meeting for 10 years!  Such a fun group, and oh so creative!  Many of the members have been coming since the start, and welcome new club members.

This year The Historic Club will be making a 13 Block Quilt called Penelope's Garden.  It is pieced and appliqued.  The center of the quilt has applique. ll the outside borders are pieced.  Penelope's garden is a striking 68 by 68 quilt designed by Jennifer Bosworth of Shabby Fabrics.

Each month you will receive the block pattern and the fabrics to make that month's block.

We will be using Moda's French General fabrics from their French General Favorites Line, with a mix of reds, grays, tans and some blue!  French General has reproduced fabrics from French antique fabrics!  The picture  is from the pattern cover.  (we will not be using these colors)

Benefits of Club Membership:

10% discount on Regular Priced Merchandise (excludes Kit Fees and registration) throughout the Club Year.  You will receive a membership card that you are responsible for showing when you purchase. (excludes classes and gift cards)
Show and Tell
Meeting New Friends
Monthly drawing for attendance
Year end gift basket drawing

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Open House with Deb North - Pfaff Creative Consultant

Christmas Open House with Deb North - Pfaff Creative Consultant


Secrets of Success - Using the right products for your sewing projects!

We are excited to have Deb North here for our Christmas Open House and hope that you can come.........we plan on having lots of fun, door prizes, make and takes, and of course refreshments and specials in the store........... We would like to invite you to plan to spend a few hours with us for lots of fun!

See her beautiful and inspiring Trunk Show and get answers on the spot for your sewing, quilting and embroidery questions.

A FUN FILLED DAY, AND YOU WILL MAKE A SPECIAL PROJECT ......... you will be able to try different techniques and see what new things you can create!

704-662-8660 and ask for Aubrey or Carla .......

We will have door prizes, make and take and refreshment and our famous hot apple cider!

There is no charge for the event.  Our way of thanking you for your support all year long!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Cabarrus Quilt Show

If you didn't get to the Cabarrus Show this weekend you missed a really great show!  We had a nice time at the Cabarrus Show this weekend.  Lots of beautiful quilts at the show.  Here are a few pictures from the show!  Some of my favorites!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Meet the Teacher Reception and Holiday Idea Exchange!

Join us on Thursday September 25, from 6pm to 8pm  for our Meet the Teacher Reception and Holiday Idea Exchange.

Our teachers have lots of fun projects planned for you. 

Our Staff have lots of great new project ideas that they have been working on this summer to show you too!  

The Summer Challenge Quilts are on display and we welcome you to come and view these beautiful creations with the most challenging fabrics!  Come vote for your favorites

Refreshments and lots of show and tell. Save the date and plan to sign up for new classes. 

We always have a special on our Meet the Teachers night for classes, along with door prizes and specials throughout the store. 

Please RSVP so we have enough refreshments for everyone!  Come have fun with us, we would love to show you some new inspiration!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

AQS Show Quilts 2014

Gina and I had a great time at the AQS Show in Charlotte this Saturday!  Lots of beautiful Quilts and here is a sampling of the ones I liked!  Some of the signs I took pictures of were blurry so I hope I got every quilt and maker's name correct!

Best of Show - Chihuly's Gondola by Melissa Sobotka, Richardson Texas
Keep It Simple - Jodi Robinson, Enon Valley Pennsylvania
Wandering 'Round the World, Beth Schillig, Columbus, Ohio

Tree of Life - Sarah Brandt, China Grove, North Carolina

A Slice of Wildflower Afternoons, Robin Parton and Foothills Cyberbee Yo Yos, Rutherfordton, North Carolina

Bluebirds - Laura Ruiz, Malabar, Florida
Oscar - Cathy Wiggins, Macon, North Carolina
Outta the Loop, Karen Marchetti and Eyvonne Smith, Port St Lucie, Florida
A Letter Bit of Baaltimore, Overland Park, Kansas
Life Everlasting, Ann Horton, Redwood Valley, California
Silk Construction, Carol Sorrel
Snowman at Play, Sharon Snoddy, Huntington West Virginia
Aunt MiMi's Flower Garden II, Elsie M Campbell, Ponca City, Oklahoma
Isabelle, Kathy Carter, Vineyard Utah
Roses for Katrina, Gail Smith,

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Challenge 2014 -

Quilters Loft Company Summer Challenge:

Theme for 2014 - You be the Judge!

There will be a defendant (fabric 1) a two plaintiffs (fabric 2 & 3)  and you will be the Arbitrator, who will arbitrate as many other fabrics as you need, to settle the differences between the defendant and the plaintiffs. Aubrey picked the fabrics and they are the most opposite of each other than you can get!  A real challenge!  Are you up to it!

How to Play
  • Pay $2.50 and fill out an entry form to enter the challenge.
  • You will receive a package of the defendant and plaintiff.
Challenge Rules:
  • You will need to use a recognizable quantity of the defendant and plaintiff fabrics in your quilt.
  • The majority of the arbitrator fabrics in your challenge quilt, must come from the Quilters Loft Company.
  • The size of the Challenge Quilt is 24 inches by 24 inches.
  • The Challenge Quilt must contain the top, batting, backing and binding and be quilted in some manner.
  • Each quilt must contain a two inch sleeve for hanging.
  • All challenge quilts will be on display during the month of September for the Judging.
  • Entries will be accepted no earlier than two weeks before the deadline. Deadline for entry is Saturday September 6th.  Your entry form must be submitted with your entry!
  • The First, Second and Third Prizes will be selected by Viewers Choice.

    Quilters Loft reserves the right to modify the rules and dates!
The voting will end on October 11, 2014. We will tally the votes. Winners will be kept secret until the awards reception on Thursday October 30th, 2014. The awards reception will start at 6:30pm and the awards will be announced at 7pm. 
There will be two categories of Prizes:

Viewers Choice Awards:
The winners will be selected by the number of votes they receive from the viewers.
  • First Place - a $300. 00 Quilters Loft Company Gift Card
  • Second Place - a $200.00 Quilters Loft Company Gift Card
  • Third Place - a $100.00 Quilters Loft Company Gift Card
Quilters Loft Company Judges Choice
There will be additional awards based on each staff person's favorite item in the store. This could be a book, notion, tool, etc. All the staff at Quilters Loft will be selecting their favorite entry. These selections will not be revealed until the awards reception. (Values between $25-$50)
Good Luck and many happy days of sewing! We can hardly wait to see all the entries!

Monday, June 30, 2014


6D (TM) Software Boot  Camp
Educators -  Diana Cedolia and Kothy Hafersat
Thurs. October 23 to Sat. October 25, 2014

Please Contact Aubrey at 704-662-8660 for more details!

Thursday 9am to 4pm
(8:30 if software needs to be loaded) 
Friday 10am to 4pm
Saturday 10am to 3pm

Thursday Trunk Show 6pm to 8pm, light refreshments!
Quilters Loft is excited to present our third annual Embroidery Software Boot Camp.  This is an intense workshop on the 6D Embroidery Suite. These classes are hands on!  

Don't own our software?  We will have classroom software that we will load on your laptop.  You will need Windows 7 or newer!  Just let us know you would like to try before you buy!  The 6D Premier works on your computer and can be used with almost any brand of Embroidery Machine!

We will have two classes running at the same time. Each will cover similar material, but the intermediate class (Class 2) will go at a much faster pace.                          

Class One - this is for beginners who currently own the software, but have not used it much!  Also for those who do not have the software, but are interested in learning more about it, those who currently own another brand of software, or have 3D, 4D, or 5D and have not upgraded to 6D.  Class size is limited to 20.  We will load the software onto your laptop, and provide a dongle (security key) for the event.  You will need an external mouse.

Class Two - this class is intermediate and for those who already own the 6D Embroidery Software Program.  To qualify for this class you will need a working knowledge of all the icons, and be able to move quickly thru the modules and how to save files.  This class moves at a fast pace!!!!  

Requirements for both classes!

A laptop updated to the latest version of your Microsoft software (Window 7 or newer).
If you own 6D Embroidery, go thru "smart update" and be sure your software is updated to the latest version!
An external mouse or tablet!   
You will not be able to keep up using the mouse on the laptop!

Meet Your Educators:

Diana Cedolia is a renowned Software Educator. She is known for her fun and informative computer software classes. Diana has been teaching people how to get the most out of their embroidery software for several years.

Kothy Hafersat enjoys teaching people just how exciting and fun the 6D™ Embroidery Software is. She enjoys sharing her many innovative techniques with other sewing enthusiasts, teaches quilting, sewing, and embroidery software throughout the United States.

Kothy and Diana are well known for their down to earth approach in teaching and they have co-authored the "Simply Teach Me" series of instructional and informative DVD's on the 6D™ Embroidery Software System. These DVD's take you from beginner through intermediate.

Class Fees:

Early Bird Registration By June 30th, 2014:  $350
Late Registration By August 31, 2014             $400
After August 31, 2014                                        $450

What does it include!

Hands on intense training for the new 6D Embroidery Premier!
Snacks and Lunches each day!
Thursday evening Trunk Show!

Trunk Show:

Thursday Oct 23 from 6-8pm

It's more than a trunk show!   You will have a great time and won’t want to miss all the fun!  Admittance is included in your Boot Camp Fees.  We will have light refreshments, door prizes and specials in the store.


Quilters Loft Company Classrooms. 

How to Register:

For more info please e-mail your interest to and we will contact you with further information.


We have a room block under Quilters Loft Company at the Hampton Suites Hotel in Mooresville.

Hampton Inn and Suites
119 Gallery Center Drive
Mooresville, NC 28117

(704) 660-7700
Double Queen and King Standard $104/day


Requires a 24 hr notice!

Rate includes:
Breakfast Buffet
Free Internet
Free local and long distance in the US
Free parking

Closest Airport:

The closest airport is Charlotte Douglas in Charlotte North Carolina.

It is a US Airways hub.

Please Note:

Event Fees are Non Refundable.  You may find a friend to take your place or if the event is full and there is a waiting list then we will refund your fees.  You will receive all Class Materials in the event that you have to cancel and can not find a replacement.