Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Challenge 2014 -

Quilters Loft Company Summer Challenge:

Theme for 2014 - You be the Judge!

There will be a defendant (fabric 1) a two plaintiffs (fabric 2 & 3)  and you will be the Arbitrator, who will arbitrate as many other fabrics as you need, to settle the differences between the defendant and the plaintiffs. Aubrey picked the fabrics and they are the most opposite of each other than you can get!  A real challenge!  Are you up to it!

How to Play
  • Pay $2.50 and fill out an entry form to enter the challenge.
  • You will receive a package of the defendant and plaintiff.
Challenge Rules:
  • You will need to use a recognizable quantity of the defendant and plaintiff fabrics in your quilt.
  • The majority of the arbitrator fabrics in your challenge quilt, must come from the Quilters Loft Company.
  • The size of the Challenge Quilt is 24 inches by 24 inches.
  • The Challenge Quilt must contain the top, batting, backing and binding and be quilted in some manner.
  • Each quilt must contain a two inch sleeve for hanging.
  • All challenge quilts will be on display during the month of September for the Judging.
  • Entries will be accepted no earlier than two weeks before the deadline. Deadline for entry is Saturday September 6th.  Your entry form must be submitted with your entry!
  • The First, Second and Third Prizes will be selected by Viewers Choice.

    Quilters Loft reserves the right to modify the rules and dates!
The voting will end on October 11, 2014. We will tally the votes. Winners will be kept secret until the awards reception on Thursday October 30th, 2014. The awards reception will start at 6:30pm and the awards will be announced at 7pm. 
There will be two categories of Prizes:

Viewers Choice Awards:
The winners will be selected by the number of votes they receive from the viewers.
  • First Place - a $300. 00 Quilters Loft Company Gift Card
  • Second Place - a $200.00 Quilters Loft Company Gift Card
  • Third Place - a $100.00 Quilters Loft Company Gift Card
Quilters Loft Company Judges Choice
There will be additional awards based on each staff person's favorite item in the store. This could be a book, notion, tool, etc. All the staff at Quilters Loft will be selecting their favorite entry. These selections will not be revealed until the awards reception. (Values between $25-$50)
Good Luck and many happy days of sewing! We can hardly wait to see all the entries!