Sunday, January 27, 2013

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We have set up a Facebook page just for the Block of the Week!  It is "Quilters Loft Company - Bible Studies"

Sign up as a fan of the Quilters Loft Company - Bible Studies fan page, so you can post your blocks, as you make them.  As comments and blocks are posted, you will be able to see the Virtual "Show and Tell"!

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Sometimes I will post a surprise!

We really want you to post your finished blocks!  You may just win a prize!

Be sure to become a fan and post your blocks!   It would be great if you could post your city and state too!  Can't wait to see the progress!

You can also come into the shop with your block, and we can take a picture and post for you, if you are not on Facebook!

I hope you are having as much fun as we are!

Special Event - TruE Embroidery Just for MAC!

Calling all Embroidery Machine Owners or wantabees!  Got a MAC???  ............. want to use it to design your next great creative moment!  

Come see what all the excitement is about!  Even if you don't have a MAC, you ought to come anyway!  See what's new in quilting and embroidery software!

TruEmbroidery Software for Mac is also available as a Crossover package from the 5D Embroidery System (HUSQVARNA VIKING 5D PROFESSIONAL or 5D PROFESSIONAL PLUS / PFAFF 5D SUITE or 5D SUITE+ required).

So save the date!  We are excited to have Gina Hodges, A Pfaff Creative Educator, coming to the Quilters Loft on Wednesday January 30, 2013. 
 We will have two sessions! 
Session 1 - 10 AM to 1 PM
Session 2 -   4 PM to 7 PM

Call and reserve your place!  $10 reserves your place and we will return it at the event with a $10 coupon!  Just let us know which session you would like to attend!  Space is limited so sign up soon! 
It is the perfect software for any brand of Embroidery Machine!   Are you using 4D or 5D on your MAC?  Come see how this software can enhance your creative experience!

A complete software system designed specifically for Mac computers, TruEmbroidery Software offers everything you need to bring embroidery to life. The native Mac interface is enhanced by OS X Mountain Lion features, such as gestures.

Compatible with most top embroidery machines
Babylock | Bernina | Brother | Husqvarna Viking | Janome | Pfaff | Singer

Includes three modules and two assistants to help you accomplish your embroidery projects with ease Crossover option:
TruEmbroidery Software for Mac is also available as a Crossover package from the 5D Embroidery System (HUSQVARNA VIKING 5D PROFESSIONAL or 5D PROFESSIONAL PLUS / PFAFF 5D SUITE or 5D SUITE+ required).

Bible Studies Update!

We have so many more signing up for the Bible Studies Block of the Week, "Blessing" that I will be repeating the information for a few weeks in the weekly emails!  

You will be making 73 blocks!  No two are alike!   A great way to increase your skills!  All the layouts use the 73 blocks and the settings, sashing, borders are different!

So get organized, find a notebook, get some page protectors where you can put your pattern in and your finished block so everything is in one place when you get ready to finish your quilt.  Remember we are doing this for 73 weeks!  You don't want to lose any of your blocks in that time, do you!

For your blocks, you need a total of 2 yards each of  light, medium and dark fabrics!   For those of you who are new to quilting, I will put more information on the blog to help you pick your fabrics.  You can also bring in your "stash" fabrics and we can help you decide which are "light", "medium" and "dark" fabrics.

If you would like to make it scrappy, working out of your stash, then select a combination of fabrics that equal two yards each of light, medium and dark fabrics.  Be sure to "audition" your fabrics for the values you need.  They can be distinctive or subtle.

There are three settings!  You might want to decide on which setting you would like to make so you can do a little planning.  Check out the quilts on the blog.

Not sure if you have enough to do your quilt or not sure about your selection, stop in with your stash fabrics and we can help you plan.  

Note:  The Exodus block is flying geese, going in the same direction.  The quilt has the Exodus Block with the center flying geese reversed.  You can do it either way!

Update:  Some have mentioned that they have had a "fun" time with the Exodus Block and it is not coming out to be 6 1/2 inches!  Each block should be 6 1/2 inches before they are sewn together for the quilt.  To make the flying geese with rectangles and squares -

Rectangles - Cut 2 1/2" by 1 1/2" (need 18)
Squares - Cut 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" (need 36)

Draw a line across the diagonal on each square.
Sew along the diagonal a few threads towards the outside of the square.(away from the middle of the rectangle).   I find it best to sew from the middle of the rectangle to the outside edge, so the point does not get stuck in the feed dogs, since the pieces are small.  It is helpful to have a straight stitch plate on your machine, for "small" piecing!  Be sure to set the straight stitch plate safety if your machine has one!

Fold back to see that the outside "triangle" meets the edge of the block.  Trim the extra fabric underneath, before sewing the other side, to complete the flying geese block.  Repeat 18 times!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bible Studies Block of the Week Starts Monday January 7th!

We are so excited to present the "Bible Studies"  Block of the Week, thru our Weekly email newsletter.  It is our way of saying thank you for reading our emails!
The only requirement is you need to be signed up for our email newsletter!   Not signed up yet, well just click on the link on the right side of the blog and sign up!  It's just that easy!!!

You will be making 73 blocks and no two are alike.  A great skill builder quilt.

Each week you will get a block with a Bible Study.  

Fabric requirements for the 73 blocks are as follows.

For the 73 Blocks

Light        2 yards
Medium   2 yards
Dark        2 yards

Want to work out of your stash?

"Audition" your fabrics so you have a nice assortment of light, medium, and dark fabrics, equal to two yards each!

Bible Studies Queen Setting 

 Love the use of only three color waves!  Very bright and cheery!!

Bible Studies Throw,  very scrappy but with a consistent background!

Bible Studies, Bed Runner!
A subtle combination of colors, scrappy with a consistent background.

So shop your stash, or come see us for the fabrics you need to make your "Bible Studies" Block of the Week.  Be inspired every week!

We are going to have fun prizes for those who keep up and finish their quilt!  Stay tuned for the details!  Will post soon!