Thursday, May 13, 2010

Denise Applegate-Schrober Guest Educator for QBOT - What's New in Quilting Technology -Lecture/Demo on Sunday June 6, 1-4pm

We are fortunate to have Denise Applegate-Schrober, a special guest Educator for QBOT, assist us at the NC Symposium of Quilts in Charlotte this on Friday and Saturday June 4-5,2010.  The Symposium of Quilts is being hosted by the Charlotte Quilters Guild.  Denise will be demonstrating the QBOT in our booth.  After the show we are going to host a QBOT Event in our store, on Sunday June 6, from 1-4PM.  Denise will show you how technology can enhance your quilting.  Later in the presentation, Denise will show you the designing software, and you will be amazed at all you can do in the software.  Just think about all the creative possibilities!!  The event in the store is $20, and advanced registration is suggested in order for you to reserve your seat.  What could be better on a Sunday afternoon!  We will have light refreshments too. 

What is QBOT you ask? Well it stands for Quilting based on Technology.

QBOT(TM) Does it for You!

Automatic, hands-free movement across your quilt, stitching the perfect design!
Simple - truly easy to install and use.
Professional Results - you are the profession! There is no need to pay someone a premium price to personalize your unique quilt!
Intricate designs stitched beautifully - create design-quality that would be impossible to create by hand.

Fit designs to your quilts needs - stencils that don't fit are history! You can now perfectly size designs for any block - without tools!
"Record" your own designs - save your stitching movements so they can be repeated exactly the same way, or scaled any way you want. You do not have to take your frame apart to free motion manually.
Set up your quilting frame and QBOT (TM) anywhere you want it - QBOT (TM) works with or without a computer connected. You do not have to be computer literate to use the QBOT.
128 MB SD QBOT (TM) card included - transfer and store your designs easily. The SD card comes with designs already built in so you can start right away.
QBOT Software - now you can design your own quilting designs (called paths) and transfer them to a SD card. You can expand your creativity and personalize your quilts in ways you would not have thought possible.

Kids Camp Student Wins at State Math Fair!

Hi Erica,
I had the privilege of judging the K-2 regional winners at the State Math Fair about a week and a half ago. There was a second grader who had a quilting project. I don't remember her name but the 6 judges were unanimous that she was the 1st place state winner! I'm telling you this because in our interview with her she said that she took a sewing class at Quilter's Loft last summer; her mother doesn't sew, but her neighbor does.

As a math teacher and a quilter, I was blown away by this young lady's project. She had batting on her backboard holding up blocks so she could remove them, fold them and show different types of symmetry and geometric transformations. She demonstrated each of them, then showed in the book The Quiltmaker's Gift examples of each. Then shared a quilt magazine and showed each type used in a quilt. I quizzed her by asking for her to tell us about a block that she had not picked out to discuss with us. She nailed it!! Something you guys did got her started-and I'm sure she got an A in math this year!! What a delightful day it was for me.
Just wanted to share,
Dee Hanlin

Thank you Dee for sharing, I am sure that Sarah will be pleased to hear how well one of her students has done. We love to hear how we influence the young to keep the art of quilting going.
We hope that all our students will continue to sew for years to come.