Monday, October 24, 2011

Hearts and Hands Show - Sanford North Carolina

Reba and I spent the weekend in Sanford, North Carolina at the Heart and Hands Quilt Show at the Dennis Wicker Civic Center. 
The weather was fantastic, cool and sunny with a few clouds...........perfect for me!!  It was a nice drive through the countryside looking at all the changing leaves.  We had dinner two nights in a row at our favorite Italian restaurant, and had the best roasted chicken.  So much food that Reba took all the leftovers home!  I don't do leftovers!!  Having the roasted chicken two nights in a row was unlike me but that roasted chicken was so good with a sprig of rosemary.  Have to remember that!!

The Dennis Wicker Civic Center was a nice place for a show.  We had lots of fun, and I remembered to take some pictures of the quilts that I liked best!  If you didn't come to the show you missed some beautiful quilts.  Lots of beautiful quilts.  I took some pictures of my favorites!  So here is a preview in cause you didn't make it to the show.   We met so many nice people, and had a bit of time to chat with the other vendors.  Reba and I also did a bit of spending to help "support the local economy"!

The applique border really sets this one off!

I loved this one! 
The quiltmaker's inspiration was an antique picture from Germany.
It is hand appliqued and quilted. 

I liked the geometics of this one!

Nice color and dimension!

A wonderful use of color and depth!