Friday, October 23, 2009

Nat'l Cupcake Day Sat Oct 24

Come and celebrate National Cupcake Day on Saturday Oct 24, from 10:30 am to 4 pm with us.
We will be set up in the Pfaff Shop Classroom as Thimbleberries Club is on the same day and they will be using the upstairs classroom. We all love cupcakes and what better excuse to eat some than this special day.
Everyone is going to make their favorite cupcakes for you to try. I am going to make "butterfly" cupcakes, something my cousin Maggie in England taught me. Hers are so much better than mine but mine are still pretty good. I wish she would pop across the pond to help with our day. She is a wonderful baker and makes wedding, anniversay and other cakes and is in hot demand. Maggi makes everything at home. It takes hours to make the tradional English Wedding Cake with special icing called Royal Icing and yes, a type of fruitcake. Not your tradional fruit cake and oh so good. I love the Royal Icing. What a great home based business.

I am not sure what everyone else is making, but if I told all that would spoil the surprise! Watching what you eat......well I am going to make a receipe I saw on Rachel Ray, by "Hungry Girl", that uses no eggs or oil. It looked good and I understand that they are good. All the taste with no guilt! Check out "Hungry Girls" blog. Lots of wonderful ideas, reducing fat and calories, with all the taste of the "real" thing.
So join us for this fun day, we will have in-store specials, and taste our cupcakes. We will also have coffee and my "famous" hot apple cider. Just in time for cooler weather, and to get ready for the holidays to come.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taking the Stairs

Sometimes attachments to e-mails are too good to pass up. My friend Karen who is now living in Brazil sent a wonderful e-mail with this video. I am wondering if we could do this to our stairs. Oh, what fun it would be! Enjoy!