Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Houston Quilt Festival Show Quilt Pictures!

Here are a few of the many beautiful show quilts at the Houston Quilt Festival Show!
More photos added on November 1st!

Scenery Through Round Windows by Keiko Morihiro
Scenery Detail
Rainbow Lorikeet by Helen Godden

Rainbow Lorikeet Detail - Check out the Quilting Detail

And Some Red by Kathryn Beebe

Crystal World by Yuriko Ikuma

A bit of Lime Shakeup

Natsumi on Her Bike by Hiroko Miyama
Time to Fly by Brenda Roach

Vitamin Quilt by Hiromi Suzuki

My Cat Charlie by Kitty Corner
Time to Fly by Brenda Roach

Snake Goddess by Janneke De Vries-Bodzinga

Max by Susan Knapp

Tree of Life by Allison Lock
Grace by Jennifer Day