Thursday, January 18, 2018

Quilters Loft Closed Today!

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful snowfall we had yesterday.  In Mooresville we got 6 inches!  Needless to say we are closed due to the snow. 

Here is a view from my backyard.  Isn't it lovely!  My driveway is so steep, I won't be going anywhere today!  I took the pups in the backyard to see how they liked the snow.  Trigger loved it and ran around like a wild man ...... Callie, not so much.  She wanted to get back in to play with her ball.  She is all about the ball and doesn't care for the snow!

We will reopen tomorrow as I am sure the roads will be good after all this beautiful sunshine.

Enjoy your day!  If you have to be out and about, please be safe!

Thursday morning sunshine!

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