Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bible Studies Block of the Week Starts Monday January 7th!

We are so excited to present the "Bible Studies"  Block of the Week, thru our Weekly email newsletter.  It is our way of saying thank you for reading our emails!
The only requirement is you need to be signed up for our email newsletter!   Not signed up yet, well just click on the link on the right side of the blog and sign up!  It's just that easy!!!

You will be making 73 blocks and no two are alike.  A great skill builder quilt.

Each week you will get a block with a Bible Study.  

Fabric requirements for the 73 blocks are as follows.

For the 73 Blocks

Light        2 yards
Medium   2 yards
Dark        2 yards

Want to work out of your stash?

"Audition" your fabrics so you have a nice assortment of light, medium, and dark fabrics, equal to two yards each!

Bible Studies Queen Setting 

 Love the use of only three color waves!  Very bright and cheery!!

Bible Studies Throw,  very scrappy but with a consistent background!

Bible Studies, Bed Runner!
A subtle combination of colors, scrappy with a consistent background.

So shop your stash, or come see us for the fabrics you need to make your "Bible Studies" Block of the Week.  Be inspired every week!

We are going to have fun prizes for those who keep up and finish their quilt!  Stay tuned for the details!  Will post soon!


Tami said...

I signed up for your email yesterday and was excited to wait for your new series of the Bible Blocks. I haven't received anything as of yet and was wondering if I signed up wrong, etc. Haven't seen anything.
Thanks and have a blessed day

Get Er Done said...

How do we show we have been keeping up? Will there be somewhere to post pictures of our completed blocks? Will there be a blog/page dedicated to just the block of the week?

Quilters Loft Company said...

Thanks for signing up for our weekly emails with our Bible Studies "Blessing" Block of the week! Once you sign up you are on the email list. Each Monday I send out our weekly email and it will include the link for the block that week. This Monday I will be sending two links for those who have just signed up.

We also have a facebook page where you can become a fan of the "Quilters Loft Company - Bible Studies Page". The Weekly newsletter will also post there. This is where you can post your blocks as you complete them. A virtual show and tell! You will be able to see what others are doing once they post!

I hope this will encourage all of you to keep up each week, so that after 73 weeks, you will be ready for your setting instructions. I will post them on the 74th week!

Some blocks have already posted, so become a fan and enjoy everyone's creations!

kate said...

I'm unable to download the patterns - any trick to it? perhaps they get tired of traveling all the way to Alaska and stop in Washington! Seems they start to download but never finish.

Quilters Loft Company said...

Hi Kate

Do you have the latest version of Adobe installed on your computer? You need the most up to date version to be able to print the patterns.

thanks Erica

High Country quilter said...

I am unable to download the pattern, as well. I downloaded the latest version of Adobe, but still get a blank Google screen. I will be at the Statesville show coming up and perhaps can pick up pattern 1 and 2 there, but don't know about the remaining.

Quilters Loft Company said...

The links in the email do work. There might be something on your computer that needs updating so that you can view your patterns.

Can you go on facebook and see if you can open the email and links there?

The links for the blocks are in red, just double click and the page should open.

Please let me know if you were successful! thanks Erica

Quilters Loft Company said...

If you are having trouble opening the pages in your email, most likely you need to update all your "plug-ins". I used an older computer today and had to update Adobe Reader, Java and Quick Time. I am using Firefox as my browzer!

When I clicked on the block link, it advised to check "plug-ins". Click on that link and it will take you to the Firefox website and there will be a list of "plug-ins" and it will tell you which ones to update.

Quilters Loft Company said...

Joan just alerted me that there is a security problem with Java. Here is the link to the article that tells you all about it and how to disable. You can copy and past the link into your browser.

High Country quilter said...

This morning I downloaded the patterns from the link:

I went back to Quilters Loft e-mail with the pattern link and it still does not work. Magic,eh? Thank you for the follow up and care. You and your shop are proactive, involved and caring. Blessings! Hope to see you in Statesville.

Quilters Loft Company said...

You are most welcome. Lots of great vendors in Statesville. See you there!