Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Celebrating 10 years Thursday Nov 15 to Saturday Nov 17, 2012

It seems like just the other day, Quilters Loft opened on Friday September 13, 2002.   I opened on my parents anniversary and yes they did get married on Friday the 13th! 

 This weekend we are going to celebrate being in business 10 years, and our Annual Be Thankful Sale! 

We are thankful for all our wonderful customers who have supported us over the past 10 years. Without you, this would not have been possible! I also could not have done it without my wonderful employees and teachers. They also make Quilters Loft a fun place to be! Better not forget Wiggles as she is the shop Mascot and likes to greet you when she gets a chance to sneak out of the office! 

Wondering about the funny percentages off???  Well 18.8 represents our address and 20.02 represents the year we opened.  Too funny right!  My staff was being creative when I inquired what should we do!!!

We have lots to be thankful for............... so join us this weekend and take advantage of some of our specials! Don't forget to sign up for prizes, lots of great things to give away!

Cheers to another 10 years!!!!!  Gosh I'll be 73 then and hopefully as healthy as Reba!  



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