Saturday, August 6, 2011

Black Velvet Bakery - The freshest bakery in town!!

Today I went to Bob's Grill for a really good chicken sandwich and I stopped into the Black Velvet Bakery for a sweet treat and to say hello to Eric.  I looked at the fresh baked bread and I just had to have a loaf to go with my homemade tomato soup that I made last night!   The Country Bread was calling to back to the office I went with a great smelling loaf of Country Bread and of course my Brioche Donut!  I just love those Brioche Donuts.........

My office smelled so good all afternoon with my wonderful fresh baked loaf of bread...........and on the way home all I could smell was that wonderful as soon as I got home I could wait no longer and just had to have a slice before dinner........well then I had a second..........then a third..........nothing tastier with a slab of danish I don't need the soup because I am full..........maybe later. 

The bread was to "die for"..........I am never buying bread in the grocery store any more......all natural and reminds me of the time as a child when the bakery use to deliver daily to our home.  Yes really, I remember the days when we lived in Canada and the baker and the milkman use to deliver daily!!!!

Those days are long gone.......but the fond memories of fresh food still lingers. 

So stop into the Black Velvet and see what bread you can take home...........I think I need to try the french bread next!

Country Bread fresh from the Oven!

Brioche Donut with Fresh Lemon Filling. 
My favorite!!