Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's a Zoo Downtown!!

While Reba and I were away at the Inspired Workshop, the Lake Norman Festival was on in downtown.  Someone on the planning committee for the festival put Zoo animals and food vendors together in the same parking lot next to the Christian Mission.  Well for some reason, duh, the health department had a problem with that, and the Zoo had to move.  What better place to put them but around the Quilters Loft!! Does this mean we are party animals here??  So we gave up and closed for the day!  The farm smell was wonderful!  NOT!  Where is the FABREEZE!!  Enjoy the pictures..........
Camel in my parking space!!

The Crowd on Moore Street!

OK, I want one of these!!


Info Booth right outside our door!

Is this the bear?  The Lama? The kangaroo?