Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Candid Shots of the Dreaded Inventory Count

We had a wonderful time taking inventory.  This year we had lots of help and got everything done in record time, that we just had to re-organize the shop!   Actually I had been planning it for months, just kept it quiet!  Judy and Reba spent two days cleaning, wonder if they hire out!  What a great job they did!  We wanted to give you more room to walk around, showcase the Batiks, since they are so gorgeous anyway, and oh, did you know the Aborgines have arrived?  Well, what I really mean is, we now have a beautiful collection of fabrics from Australia and they sure go well with the Batiks. 

Of course we ate well, since we seldom get to take lunch, never mind that we got to "do lunch" together, although two days in a row or was that three of Panera's Bread started to get a little overdone!  Still pizza wasn't bad either!  Love that BBQ chicken!  But I did sneek up on some of our staff, in their most "candid" moments, kind of like "candid camera".  Enjoy!  Our customers who helped sure stayed out of camera range, cause I couldn't find any pictures of them!  Wait til next year.....I'll get them for sure......

Courtney - Where did she find that Hat!

Whose bottom is it anyway!

Judy Cleaning - doesn't she look great!  Guess who's holding the vacuum?

Reba's bib!  She needed it to drool over the Batiks!

She doesn't see us, does she? (Pat and Sarah)

Did you know I took a ladder safety class?

I'm counting -Did you need something?

Nancy and Laura - how many buttons was that!

Did you know this room had a Crib?  Who left the baby?

OK!  Where does this stuff go?

Are we making progress!

Was all that under the table?

Organizing, organizing, organizing!! Don't the Batik's look great! 

You'll just have to stop in and see what's new and where we put everything.  You'll be surprised and yes, we have lots of new stuff!!  And we are still under construction, putting back quilts, and rearranging!  You'll love what we have done to the place!  Soon we will have a new notions wall....stay tuned!