Sunday, December 20, 2009

What! Snow! Who ordered that!!

Well can you believe this early snow.  I did not believe that it was coming!  It was such a surprise when it decided to stick around.  We all know the weatherman doesn't always get it right.  But it was sort of an early white Christmas....but Christmas is still a week away!  Pat went home early at 10:30 since she lived in Statesville.  It was amazing how many people were out and about in the snow.  Around three when it looked like it was going to really hang around, Sarah and Nancy went home.  Of course, I'm such a die hard that I stayed til past 5:30, just in case someone needed a last minute gift, and we did say we would be open late.  When the snow got to be 2 inches deep, I reconsidered and packed up and went home.  Not a fun drive!  Took the dog out when I got home, and took a flying flip off the deck.  Ouch!!!  Too many bruises to discuss, but I think I'm still alive.  Well of course I am, I'm typing this note.  So, Saturday, hung around the house since we couldn't go to work.  Would rather have been at work, as we were going to have a Thimbleberries Party and the food is oh so gooood.  Well, it's rescheduled so we aren't going to miss out.  Yeah!! 

If you are not on the e-mail list, you are missing out.  You can join our e-mail list from the blog.  Tomorrow details about our inventory clearance sale, goes out and it starts Dec 26th.  We will be closed Dec 23 to Dec 25, so all of us can spend some time with our family and friends.  

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday, if you celebrate another holiday and hope that you have a blessed time with family and friends.